Helmet Sensor

Wearable motion sensing technology, from our hands to your head!

Cloudspindle is a privately funded Silicon Valley startup creating wearable motion sensing and recognition technologies for sports and recreation safety and improvement.

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Impact Sensing and GPS measurement

Our helmet sensor incorporates impact sensing and GPS measurement technology in order to track a user’s location, head motion and impact data. The combination of these technologies provides the ability to make an accurate assessment of the safety and well being of the skier along with their location.

Internet Connectivity

Connectivity to the internet enables a rich safety monitoring and notification system that provide parents and family peace of mind while keeping skiers safe.

Intelligent Power Management

With the latest accelerometer wake up technology, our helmet sensor powers off automatically when not in use and on automatically as required maximizing battery lifetime.

Other Uses

Although originally envisioned as a monitoring solution for parents of child skiers and snowboarders our helmet sensor may be used for other activities such as cycling, football and any other sport or activity where you are concerned about head impacts to your child and their location.

Look after yourself

it's that simple!

Our helmet sensor address these problems as well as others.

We foresee that all future helmets will have integrated impact and other sensing capabilities. In fact, this technology already exists in the NFL and, other companies are beginning to release similar products. It's not readily available just yet though and it's certainly a while before everyone adopts these safety measures. We're just getting started commercially in this field.

When you're a parent, have the peace of mind you deserve.

When you have active children who play football, ski, snowboard and cycle, as a parent, it's natural to have concerns about head impacts, injuries and collisions. Not having any insight to this data is a legitimate concern.

Our initial helmet sensor will be useable with numerous sports helmets.

Data will provide parents, coaches and Drs new insight into sports activity so they can make more informed decisions as to their safety and well being. If you live an active outdoor lifestyle, we think it makes good sense to better protect yourself and have peace of mind.

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